Online Love Sham

Online Love Sham

There is a sham that's preying on those looking online for love.

Steve and Margaret Lindsey met online 8 years ago, and it was love at first sight, just 15 minutes after Margaret signed up.

"There was Steve on my computer.  I've never met anyone else, never had another date.  I met him that first day online, we talked that night and have never been apart since." said Margaret.

While this fairy tale ending proves true love does exist, online love doesn't happen for everyone.

One Texoma woman, who we will call Dawn, also decided to give love online a shot, and create an account on a popular dating website.

"I caught the eye of one guy in particular and that ended up being the one that was a crook." said Dawn.

At first the conversation made the guy seem like the perfect man.

But 3 days later the first red flag went up. That's when the scammer convinced Dawn to download an app they could chat through, away from the dating site.

"They like you to do this because dating site is not going to gave record of exchange." said BBB President Monica Horton.

"It all went down hill when he asked me to send him money. He said the advance from his company hadn't come in and he needed to do permits. and of course it was all on the bases of the quicker I can get the job done the quicker I can come back to you." said Dawn. "It just makes me angry that I sat there and wasted an hour of my time and listened to his lies when we met."

Thankfully she didn't fall for the scam, but said  she was sad after the fact at how many women he had actually gotten $3,000 from.

While we're telling this story in hopes of raising awareness, bottom line is nothing is a sure thing.

"Theres no guarantees in online dating, just like theres no guarantees the conventional method, You're going to put yourself out there and take a risk." said Steve Lindsey

A risk that hopefully pays off just like it did for the Lindsey Family.