Montague County Burn Ban in Effect

Montague County Commissioners have ordered a burn ban to go into effect immediately. The decision came yesterday during their regular meeting.

The outdoor burn ban is in effect for 90 days. The order does not prohibit outdoor burning activities related to public health and safety that are authorized by the Texas Natural Resources Commissioner for:

1. Firefighter training

2. Public utility, natural gas pipeline or mining operations

3. Harvesting of agricultural crop or welding allowed with restrictions ((area should be clean 15 feet or more on welding site, at least 55 gallons of water with the ability to pressurize and spray welding site, an additional person should be on site with a welder to spot fires, and a fire extinguisher on welding site))))

4. Outdoor cooking allowed with the following restrictions: cooking device is propane or natural gas & has complete and full enclosure utilized at all times. Cooking device needs wood or charcoal and be clear of vegetation within a 5 foot radius.