Texomans Take a Chance with Powerball Jackpot

A couple bucks and a lot of luck could land you a lot of cash.  Many Texomans were feeling lucky on Wednesday and bought some Powerball Jackpot tickets.  They were hoping to beat the odds and win the massive prize, which is $500-million!

"Oh, I always feel lucky," Jack Browne said, "Hopefully I'm luckier than normal."

For Browne, this isn't his first rodeo.

"We pretty much play the lottery every week, twice a week," he said.

However, not everyone is as loyal to the lottery as he.

"This is the first time I've bought a ticket," a Wichita Falls resident said.

Almost everyone Newschannel 6 talked to said they have the winning ticket, including Christopher Wilson.

"This is the real deal," he said.

If they won the jackpot, everyone's answer was a little different.

"House, cars, more cars," one Wichita Falls resident said.

"First thing I would do is ask to retire and then just probably travel around the world for a little bit," another resident said.

However, there was one thing they all had in common.

"I'd make sure my family is set up," Christopher Wilson said.

"I'd take care of my parents and my family," Debbie Richard said.

It's been nearly two years since a Powerball Jackpot had this large of a prize.  This Powerball is the fifth on the all time high list.

When it comes to your chances of winning, hopefully luck is on your side.  The odds are one in 175-million.

, Newschannel 6