The Price of Love

The Price of Love

That extra cash in your wallet from lower gas prices could be a reason many floral shops are reporting their busiest period in five years-just in time for Valentines Day.

Many people are choosing to spend that extra cash on their sweetheart, and Jameson's is one of many floral shops with business blooming this year.

But before the stems settle in a vase, while petals may be falling, prices that flower shops pay sure are not.

"Especially for Valentines Day, our cost for flowers doubles," explained Lori Jameson, owner of Jameson's Flowers in Wichita Falls. "It's right after the Rose Bowl Parade, there's such a high demand with that and Valentines Day, that drives up the prices."

Another thing raising the prices that flower shops pay is the drought. Jameson says it's influencing how they do business.

"Maybe not putting as much water in buckets, still have to fill up the vases but around the shop, and the way we do things, it affects that."

Jameson also puts more flowers in buckets together than in years past to conserve water.

Besides the normal Valentines week increase, floral shops don't pass the buck on to the consumer. And this year, customers are responding in bunches.

"It's been slower I think in the past because its on Saturday's, Jameson said, "and people are out and about and go out to eat and do other things. But this year [customers] wanted flower delivery early in the week, so that's good for us!"

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6