Iwo Jima Reunion: The Final Salute

Iwo Jima Reunion: The Final Salute

The last hurrah. The ultimate tribute. The final salute.

"It's a sad affair, really, the fact that it's the last one," Bill Schott, an Iwo Jima Survivor from the 5th Marine Division said.

Bill Schott was part of the sixth wave of Marines at the Battle of Iwo Jima 70 years ago. This is his second year at the reunion in the Falls.

"This is why we fought on Iwo Jima, to keep this thing going," Schott said.

Schott enjoys educating different generations about not just the battle of Iwo Jima, but World War II as a whole.

Students at Sheppard Elementary were humbled by the survivors visit.

"It's an honor for them to come to our school," said student Christoph Siedlecki.

And Schott was struck by the students sincerity and kindness. He received a handwritten letter that really made him smile.

"It warms the heart," Schott said.

For Schott, this final Iwo Jima reunion was a little less eventful than last year.

"Last year...I got caught running down the hall. I raced a kid, and the principal caught me. I got in trouble, she said we don't run in the halls," Schott admitted.

Schott was first in line in the procession into the school, but wasn't alone for long. The principal of Sheppard Elementary was waiting to make sure he walked, and didn't run, to his seat.

For one last time.