Iwo Jima Final Shot

Iwo Jima Final Shot

Sunday morning Texomans gathered in Wichita Falls at the Wellington Ballroom to honor those who served in the battle of Iwo Jima. The ceremony last just over an hour. Those who attended sang and prayed together remembering those who were lost, both on the island and those who were lost recently due to age.

Iwo Jima survivor Cy Young shared his thoughts on that deadly battle that saw 26,000 Americans lose their lives.

"We lost, we lost so many lives. All of them represented a family. They remain over there on the island buried in the ground. In the we gained nothing but we kept our freedom and that was the main thing anyway," said Young.

Sargent Dameon Hardy spoke about the sacrifices made by what he described as "heroes" in every definition of the word.

"The foundation that they laid for Marines like me, for my generation, for my kids and their generation, it's just a miracle and it's a blessing for us to be here to celebrate those guys," said Sgt. Hardy.

In total 45,000 American and Japanese Soldiers lost their lives in the deadly 5 week long battle for the Island of Iwo Jima.

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