Changes Coming For WFISD

Changes Coming For WFISD

Big items are on the table at the Wichita Falls Independent School District Board Meeting

Monday. A lot of planning is going into the new Career and Technology Center, and now the focus is on a location for that center.

School officials are working hard to get everything prepared for a new school bond proposal. That's exactly what they did tonight as they gathered to discuss potential locations for a new career and technology center.

Officials were discussing two properties already owned by the district. The first location is right behind Hirschi High School, and the other is located on Hatten Road.  Those other potential locations will also be presented tonight. School officials said the School Board wants to make sure the property for the new bond is picked out and released before the official proposal. 

Another topic for discussion was the districts new opt-out choice program.  Students throughout the district will now be going to schools in their attendance zone. And those who wanted to opt-out had the opportunity to fill out transfer forms. 

Those were due to the district February 11. Now, district officials released those transfer numbers along with a recommendation.

"All the students who got their transfer papers in during the deadline, this would allow them to get in the campus of their choice," said Ashley Thomas, Communication Officer at W.F.I.S.D.

The school board approved the new program in an effort to rid some schools of over-crowding. Rider High School had been running over capacity and needed change, according to Thomas.

"I think the purpose of this was to still allow people to have a choice but to manage the enrollment at those campuses," said Thomas.

Those transfer numbers were much smaller than the district was expecting, according to Thomas. That led the Superintendent, Dr. Frossard, to recommend the board to waive the cap to all those extra students to attend Rider.

"It's going to reduce some of the numbers at Rider, while increasing numbers at Wichita Falls High School and Hirschi," said Thomas.

Dr. Frossard also recommended that students attending Barwise or Kirby Junior High also be allowed to stay with the school during 7th grade, even if they didn't submit a transfer form. 

"There is room at those campuses in 7th grade so Dr. Frossard is making the recommendation to allow those students if they had been in the sixth grade school in that program," said Thomas.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6