Shifting School Site

Shifting School Site

Electra's newly approved high school now has a newly approved site. Monday night Electra's Superintendent Scott Hogue and the majority of

the Electra School Board voted on and approved a relocation for the future Electra High School.

The new school will be located on the same plot of land as the current Electra Elementary/Junior High. The image shows that the newly picked location would overlap where the Electra High School softball field sits but an Electra owned softball field could be used until a new field is constructed.

The previously picked location for the future school was a park located directly across from the current high school; a high school that's been in use since the 1920's. Superintendent Scott Hogue explained that the district would not only have to find the deed to the park land, but also buy out the property cost and raise the elevation multiple feet to prevent runoff during heavy rains.

The newly selected high school site would require only minor elevation and the district already owns the property.

Electra School board members also approved allowing the district to lease or sell of the now empty and non functional Densmore Elementary School. The property would have to be sold off at market value, $2.4 million, because the school is a taxpayer owned asset.

Superintendent Hogue said the plan is to have the future high school up and student ready for fall of 2016.

, Newschannel6