Gabriel Armandariz Trial Begins

Gabriel Armandariz Trial Begins
Tarrant County Courthouse
Tarrant County Courthouse

Wichita Falls, TX-

A North Texas man accused of killing his two sons is set to appear in a Tarrant County courtroom Tuesday.

In April of 2011, Young County Sheriffs said Gabriel Armandariz called 911 and told dispatchers he killed his two sons, but would not tell authorities where their bodies were located.

After receiving that phone call and talking with family members who had concerns about the children's safety, deputies and police went to a home in the 300 block of Third Street in Graham.

Authorities from multiple agencies were looking for the two children, one eight-months-old and the other two-years-old. After a 10 hour search, law enforcement found the both kids bodies underneath a home. Armandariz was then arrested.

On Tuesday, he will make his way about 90 miles from Young County to Tarrant County where his trial will take place.

In 2011, Young County District's Attorney's office transferred Armandariz's case over to the state. 90 Judicial District Judge Stephen Bristow will be overseeing this trial.

Gabriel Armandariz could either spend the rest of his life behind bars or get the death penalty.

Newschannel 6 anchor Brittany Costello will be inside the courtroom throughout the trial live tweeting the latest developments. To stay informed, follow Brittany on Twitter @BrittanyKAUZ

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