The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra Provides Apprentice Program

The Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra talked about the Youth Symphony Apprentice Program.  Christelle will be on stage with Wayne (our orchestra member)  playing violin.  Our guest artist, playing piano, is Anna Polonsky.  She will be playing a Mozart concerto.  The date is February 21, at 8 p.m. at the Memorial Auditorium.

Ticket prices are $5 for students, up to $28.00.  Call for tickets at (940)723-6202, or go


The Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) offers an apprentice program for talented young musicians to gain access to professional musicians in an educational setting and perform at a concert. Students wishing to participate are selected through an audition process by the YSO (4-6 total students each year).

Apprentices are paired with a professional musician in the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra and receive six (6) hours of private instruction by their mentor prior to the concert. Students are expected to prepare and play most, if not all, the music on the concert program. Apprentices are seated next to their mentor to play the full concert on stage.