Liquor Lawsuit

Liquor Lawsuit

Walmart has sued the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission with hopes to soon sell liquor.

Newschannel 6 reached out to a local liquor store to see if their business would be affected if the court decides to side with Walmart.

Kocks Liquor Store has been in business for the past 38 years. Co-owner, Victor Kocks said that if Walmart has its way, it would hurt his business.

“That would be a little tough for a while.  We've been in business for a long time, so our customers are pretty loyal.   There are about 20 liquor stores within this area, a lot of the smaller stores, mom and pop stores.  I would think that half of those would close if Walmart comes here with liquor, said Kocks.

The current Texas law prohibits publicly traded companies from selling liquor within the state.

In a statement to Newschannel 6 Walmart said,

“Our Texas customers want added convenience when shopping for adult beverages.  However, the current law prohibits publicly-owned businesses such as Walmart from offering spirits to its customers. This is counter to Texas' belief in free enterprise and fair competition, limits our customers' choice and keeps the price of sprits artificially high, all of which harm Texas consumers.  Walmart believes the law needs to be changed to provide a fair and level playing field so we can offer our customers a full assortment of adult beverages as part of a convenient and comfortable shopping experience," said spokesperson for Walmart, Lorenzo Lopez.

Newschannel 6 also learned if the courts do side with Walmart, the company would build a separate store adjacent to or next to its existing stores.  This store would also have its own entrance and operate in the same way liquor stores are required to in Texas.

“We hire all local people and all of our profits stay in Wichita Falls, which is something that Walmart can't say.  If you notice, most of these stores, things like that are just a side item.  They don't have the experience that we have to talk about the products and know our products,” said Kocks.

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