Body discovery discussed at Bench trial

DUNCAN, Okla. - Wednesday, the lead investigator in the murder of Braylee Henry of Velma spoke about the discovery of her body as he testified during the trial of Miles Bench in Duncan.

Prosecutors say Bench killed Braylee at the convenience store where he worked, then ditched her body on his grandparents' land.

Everything about the land and Braylee's body was discussed Wednesday, where she was placed, why she was placed there and what was found near her. It was an ongoing battle of whether or not a competent person do what Miles Bench allegedly did with her body.

The lead investigator said Braylee's body was found right next to a camper, about 100 yards away from Bench's grandparents' home. Tracks that led off of the long driveway to the home took investigators straight to the body. He said her legs were partially covered in vegetation and dirt that clearly was pulled from nearby. He also found a garden tool just feet away from her body leaning against the camper.

During cross examination, the defense attorney asked if the deputy thought it was odd that Bench didn't try to hide the body in a more densely wooded area nearby. The investigator said he believed it would have been more difficult to do that, because it had rained earlier in the day, making it harder to drive through muddy areas. Bench's lawyer continued to push the idea that Bench's actions were not those of a competent person.

He also questioned whether the garden tool was used to hide the body, because no tests were done to see if had been used. The investigator said he spotted scrape marks on the ground and dirt on the tool, but admitted he couldn't be 100 percent sure that it was used.

When the defense attorney asked if it was odd the body was on Bench's grandparents' land the investigator said 'yes,' and the attorney stated "pretty crazy, right?" District Attorney Jason Hicks quickly objected to that comment and the judge sustained the objection.

Testimony did wrap up a little earlier than normal, around 3:30 p.m., but the prosecution is not finished presenting its case. They'll continue Thursday morning.