Wichita Falls Bike Friendly?

Wichita Falls Bike Friendly?

Wichita Falls, TX -

Wichita Falls may be considered the hub for bicyclist in North Texas.

"They got them riding all day," said David Guthrie, better known as "Bike an on the East side. "You need to catch them coming through here around noon."

The city that encourages riding on two wheels is without bike lanes.

When Newschannel 6 caught up with David, he was riding his bike down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard sharing the road with passing vehicles.

A recent accident involving a North Texas man has many Texomans talking about bike safety or sharing the lane.

Newschannel 6 reached out to Mark Beauchamp, Wichita Falls Traffic Superintendent to find out where the city stands when it comes to implementing bike lanes.

"We started on this process about two years ago, moving down the road to becoming an actual League of American Cyclist bike friendly city," said Beauchamp.

Inorder to make that a reality Beauchamp said the city has to focus its attention in key areas such as enforcement, education, engineering, evaluation and encouragement.

"Having law on the books such as the three foot passing rule, dooring rules, no texting and driving rules," said Beauchamp.

Once ordinances are put into place the city can educate cyclist and drivers of the laws. However, before implementing bike lanes it must make sure engineering is in tact.

"We should be doing some pilot programs this spring to start bicycle lanes. We want to bring them on gently and get people use to them a little bit at a time," said Beauchamp

The city is looking to place the first lanes on Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard from Lincoln Street to Missle Road.

"That's a key area, we have a lot of students at Sheppard Airforce Base and other folks in the northern side of town that are kind of cut off from the trail system right now," said Beauchamp.

Despite the incovenience of not having his own lane, David said he has been doing fine without.

"I see them, they see me. I just keep going, " said David.

So far this year the city says there have been two accidents involving people riding bicylcles.

Newschannel 6 also learned that the city is actively pursuing six grants that would help fund this project. As far as to when this project will get started is still up in the air.

, Newschannel 6