Adobe Photoshop Turns 25!

Adobe Photoshop turned 25 on Thursday!  That is is a quarter of century of editing, transforming, cutting and cropping many of the images we see every day.

Newschannel 6 reached out to three Texoma photographers who use the software frequently.

“Kind of enhancing at the last bit and putting a watermark on it before putting it out there for the world," said photographer, Meegan Weaver of Meegan Weaver Photography.

“Same kind of thing.  Just to enhance and kind of get the extra, extra," said photographer, Misty Doyle of Misty Doyle Photography.

“I feel like my clients expect a certain level of polish.  It kind of helps me give them the polish, like moving a stray hairs and distractions in the background," said photographer, Devon Jones of Devon J. Imagery.

Being 25 years young, the three photographers also say how much the software has changed photography.

“If they have a decent camera, they can use Photoshop and call themselves a photographer without any real camera knowledge and experience and everything," said Weaver.

“I think it has changed things in a good way too as well as kind of maybe having it be the lean to instead of getting it right on camera, instead of how it used to be with film," said Jones.

Jones uses Photoshop as a rule.

“If it is something that is going to be there in six months, I leave it. If it is something that is going to go away, I make it go away,"said Jones.

With the good use of the program also comes the bad.

“You can have a person that is not supposed to be there magically appear like a famous celebrity and that's not true," said Doyle.

“I think we should definitely strive to keep people looking like people and not like plastic," said Jones.

We at Newschannel 6 even use photoshop whether it is to edit a graphic or to post and crop a picture to our website.

, Newschannel 6