BLM Land Grab Update

It's been nearly a year since the land dispute along the Red River started.

U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry was in Wichita Falls on Thursday to speaking at the Nortex Regional Planning Commission.  Part of his presentation included talking about the BLM.

As he pointed out him and Senator John Cornyn presented a bill to try to resolve the issue.  However, he said it died at the end of Congress.  Now the pair is working on another bill.

"We have tweaked the language a little based on input from landowners and from other interested parties," Congressman Thornberry said.

He said they did it to make sure they don't have unintended consequences.  Congressman Thornberry also said they want to make sure everyone understands what they are doing and get more people on board.

He explained they are just waiting on the congressional budget office to give them an official score.

He said, "It will tell us whether the bill would cost anything or not."

If it does cost money, Congressman Thornberry said they will have to find a way to offset the cost.  However, he said it is just one of the hurdles they will have to make before the bill goes to the floor.

"I am concerned that the longer this hangs out there the more that land owners have some value of their property taken away," Congressman Thornberry said.

Another concern is that if it is not resolved it will spread to other areas with more and more claims by the federal government.

This is why Representative Thornberry said this issue needs to be resolved.

"We need to resolve this in a way that is final so this does not open up again," he said.

Congressman Thornberry said he hopes to present the bill in the next few weeks.

, Newschannel 6