Burnett History Burned

Burnett History Burned

The estate that family members simply call "The Farm" has held special meaning to many different people. Last week, 150 years of both Burnett and Nocona history went up in flames.

"My home is gone...everything I've ever known my whole life."

That's the first thing fire victim Patricia Burnett thought when the historic house that has been in her family for generations went up in smoke.

She and her family don't usually go into town on a Wednesday night. But she swears, as she broke routine and left the house, she had a premonition of a fire.

"I don't know, it was like the good lord was telling us to go away for the day. And we come home to the house on fire." Burnett said.

This is not just any house fire, because "The Farm" is not just any house.

"Everybody that's lived here a year or so knows where the farm's located," Burnett's son Jimmy Vega said.

The Burnetts say they've been in Montague County since the Civil War, and their family is part of the founders of Nocona.

The overwhelming sense and smell that you get when you visit "The Farm" today is of the recent fire. But you also get a sense of the loss of over 150 years of history.

The fabric of Nocona...up in flames.

"Nocona will never be the same because it was like the house that stood on the hill," Burnett said.

Family members describe the house on the hill as more of a foster home. They say over the years, everyone in town practically lived there at some point. Anyone coming through Nocona who didn't have a place to stay always had a home at "The Farm."

The members of the Burnett family are staying with friends for the time being, as they pick up the pieces and start over.

"It will never be the same, it just wont be. It'll be a new beginning," Burnett said.

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