Career and Technical Educational Center Location Decided

A location for the Career and Technical Education Center has been decided.

The Wichita Falls I.S.D. School Board held a special session on Friday, February 20th

"What we voted on was to allow the school district to enter into a contract to purchase some property that is on the corner of I-44, 287, and Old Iowa Park Road," Trey Srella, President of the WFISD School Board said.

He explained the focus of the facility is to get students ready for the work world.

"We'll be able to tailor our curriculum, there to what's good for the industry and it will be flexible," he said.

He said it will also show everyone that Wichita Falls is serious about education and the future of the kids.

Sralla said, "My plan is to move forward."

He explained there are three reasons why they picked that location.

"Accessibility, central location, and visibility,"  he said.

He said they will not be able to get a more visible place in town.

"I mean 287 and I-44, I think there's close to 60,000 cars that drive by there on one direction every day," Sralla said.

He realizes the facility will not be in the center of Wichita Falls.  However, it os right off of the highway.

"It's easy access from anywhere in town," he said.

He said the land sits on nearly 18 acres.  Sralla explained the facility will not take up the majority of the land.  So, there will be plenty of room for parking and expansions if they decide to do that later on.

He said, "If something that is good now, is good, but 10 years from now it's no longer relevant and there's another industry that we need to start teaching certifications in there, we will."

The facility will not just benefit students.  He said it will be a great place for teachers to teach, for parents to visit, and for Wichita Falls to be proud of.

Sralla said he understands the facility comes with a price.  He said with what they are proposing right now, the bond would be just short of $60-million.  While most of the money will go towards the facility, there are other components.  This includes safety upgrades to all schools, technology upgrades, and improvements to the junior highs.

However, nothing is set in stone.  The bond still has to be put on a ballot for voters.  He explained the board plans to meet on Friday, February 27th to decide if they will put it on the May ballot.  If the bond doesn't pass officials said they will not purchase the land.  From there, they will look at other options and try again.

, Newschannel 6