Walmart Wage Increase

Walmart Wage Increase

Walmart is announcing that it will increase worker wages to $9 an hour by the end of this month and $10 by February 2016.

Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillion made the announcement earlier this week.

"It's clear to me that one of the highest priorities today must be an investment in you our associates. We want to reward you for your service to our customers and create clear paths to progress within the company," said McMillion.

Texomans were divided over the raises. David Bell said that Walmart should increase wages as much as $15. Shawna Papenthien said she was against the raises believing that consumers would cover the cost through increased prices. Melanie Herndon said she would be happy if the company pledged to promise a price increase would not occur.

President Barack Obama praised Walmart for their effort while also calling out the GOP to follow in supporting a national minimum wage increase. Something President Obama has been calling for since elected into office.

"Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it's good for business.

Don't stand in the way.

You've got votes in Congress.

You've got votes in the House, you've got votes in the Senate.

Work with us, join the rest of the country.

Give America a raise, let's go!

Let's go," says President Obama.

McMillons video never mentions whether its workers will finally have an opportunity to unionize. Over the last few years the $152 billion Walton family had been able to prevent its 1.3 million from unionizing.

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