Texomans Stock Up on Groceries For the Winter Weather

The winter weather didn't stop many Texomans from stocking up on grocery items.  Luckily, local grocery stores were prepared.

Whether it be for chili or to just get out of the house, many Texomans have been rolling into Market Street, despite the bitter temperatures.

“Chili just sounds good.  It's something hot and steamy, throw some cheese and some Fritos on it and you've got a really good meal, it's something to keep us warm," said Market Street customer, Kerbey Wilcox.

Mike "Bear" Young drove all the way to Wichita Falls from Graham.

"The drive was fairly decent.  The drive was fairly clear all the way," said Young.

For days like Monday, Market Street's Store Director told Newschannel 6 that he and his staff prepare for the winter weather days in advance.

“Anytime that we see that the weather is going to be bad, we actually start stocking up on stuff like beans, potatoes in the produce,  carrots, stuff for making stew," said Larry Martin.

Martin has seen a lot of people come into Market Street in the past few days.

“Before a storm comes in or something, you'll see a lot of the out of town people come in and stock up and of course the weekend was very busy.  Also, kids are stuck at home so they want a lot of snacks and stuff to drink for the kids," said Martin.

His advice to people coming into the store to get last minute groceries is to be patient.

“Everybody is on the same boat.  Everybody is just trying to get ready and so, just be patient, which most people are," said Martin.

In addition to the groceries that will keep you warm. Market Street does have de-icing material and firewood.

Market Street is also one of the many stores in town that is open 24 hours a day.

, Newschannel 6