Cloud Seeding Continues

Wichita County again will provide financing to help Wichita Falls when cloud seeding efforts begin this spring. Today county commissioners approved giving a total of $5,000 for five months of cloud seeding. Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said that last year through the funding provided by both the city and the county Wichita received about 15% more rainfall than was previously predicted.

"When we invest in this we really help everybody save on water rates," said Judge Gossom.

According to the Judge the money granted helps cover the cost of the project and prevents the city of Wichita Falls and those who rely on its water from increasing water rates.

"This way we help offset that and I think the country ought to because we have more residents that receive water and we asked for that to help keep them where they have water instead of being completely out of the system," said Gossom.

The total project will cost Wichita Falls $300,000. Cloud seeding is expected to begin in April. The plane used to seed the clouds will arrive in Wichita Falls sometime in March.