MSU Presidential Candidate #1 Forum

The search for the next Midwestern State University President continued on Tuesday with a candidate forum.

It's down to the final three candidates.

Candidate #1 is Dr. Suzanne Shipley. Dr. Shipley is the current President at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

"I am from this area.  I grew up in Lubbock and was raised in this part of Texas, so I love the landscape and I love the size of Wichita Falls," said Dr. Shipley.

Dr. Shipley told Newschannel 6 that she has many plans for MSU.

"I would follow the strategic plan as it is written now.  They're very interested in a residential campus, so they have more students living on campus. I would like to make student life more viable and enhance athletics and raise money from donors and connect with the community.

Dr. Shipley also has plans to make MSU regionally and nationally better known.

"You can do anything at Midwestern State University that you can do at any other university.  You're just going to be doing it in a more personally, supportive environment and at a great price," said Dr. Shipley.

To be a President of a university, Dr. Shipley said, a person must be able to balance and respond to the programs that are in place and consider what new programs to bring in.

"There are not many universities this size who have a strong engineering program and have bio sciences and geo sciences and medical professions.  I would hope to support the programs that are in place alongside the really strong liberal arts programs that are already here," said Dr. Shipley.

If chosen to be the next President of MSU, Dr. Shipley would be the first female president in the university's history.

"I feel very confident doing it, and I'd be proud to do it," said Dr. Shipley.

Possibly becoming the first female President of MSU is something that students Newschannel 6 spoke to like.

"I'm ecstatic.  I'm all for women empowerment," said MSU student, Tiernan Harris.

"I think that would be really cool.  I think that sexual equality is good and to have a first woman president here would be really, really cool," said MSU student, Megan Piehler.

MSU officials announced Dr. Andrew Rogerson as the second candidate in the MSU Presidential search on Tuesday.  The name of the third candidate will be announced Sunday, March 1st.

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, Newschannel 6