Runway Winter Ready

Runway Winter Ready

Another winter blast is scheduled to hit Texoma in the next two days. However, Fridays, flights going in and coming out Wichita Falls Regional Airport that were previously scheduled could be canceled when the weather hits. Because WFRA shares the airfield with Sheppard Air Force Base commercial flights are a second priority.

"What happens is priority one is if the base is flying we have to wait until the runways are cleared and everything like that for those aircraft to take off," Said WFRA Operations Supervisor John Waltjin.

WFRA has to not only wait for snow removal, but also cleared from the airfield manager before any of its commercial flights are allowed to come in or go out. Waltjin explained that weather does play a role for commercial flights versus the flights made by Sheppard.

"The clearance for DOD (Department Of Defense) is they can land in a lightly covered snow on the runways whereas the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirement the FAA requirement has to be completely cleared with nothing on the runways," said Waltjin.

Waltjin advise that those who have flights scheduled for Friday make calls to the airline before leaving their home.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6