Munday Teens Participate In Distracted Driving Simulations

Munday High School teenagers spent Thursday texting and driving, all for a simulation with the “Save a Life Tour”.

“We want them to text and drive on this simulation just so they can see how much concentration and focus we use in that little cell phone that we use everyday," said road manager, Anthony Lawrence.

The Munday teens were also drinking and driving.

“The drinking and driving simulation takes a delayed reaction of somebody under the influence of alcohol that would be experiencing.  We would take that delay and we give it to the vehicle that way, whoever is driving gets to see just how much of an impairment driving with a delayed reaction is," said Lawrence.

Teens are more likely to die or get injured in a motor vehicle.  Every 30 minutes, someone is killed from drinking and driving.  Every 30 seconds, someone is injured or killed from being distracted while driving.

80 percent of accidents involving teenagers are caused by some form of distracted driving.

Munday High School Principal, John Berry said the "hands on the wheel" simulations are very important.

“When I grew up, I didn't have someone telling us not to text.  We have so many gadgets that they need to understand that when they text and drive, they can kill someone or hurt themselves," said Berry.

“You're risking your life every time you make the decision to send a text message.  You're risking your life for some pixels on a screen.  There's nothing that important on your phone, nothing worth the life of yourself or anyone else," said Lawrence.

Lawrence also said if teens want to send a text, they should pull over in a safe area, not on the side of a busy highway.  It's a simple step that can save a life.

The "Save a Life" Tour will continue Friday at Knox City High School.

, Newschannel 6