Proposed Ban To Ban AR-15 Bullets Has Gun Enthusiast On Edge

Proposed Ban To Ban AR-15 Bullets Has Gun Enthusiast On Edge

Wichita Falls, TX -

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is proposing a ban on one of the most popular gun ammunition used in AR-15 rifles.

The ban would stop gun users from using 5.56 millimeter bullets.

The ATF's proposed ban on one of the most highly sold bullets across the country has some gun enthusiast on edge. In fact, gun shop owners in Lincoln, Nebraska said they have seen a huge increase in sales. Customers are coming into stores stocking up on anything that is 5.56.

Gun salesman also say they have noticed a spike in ammunition prices online. Bullets that would normally sell for about $10 a box are now going for upwards of $20 a box.

The AR-15 has a reputation for its military use but over the years sportsman and hunters alike have grown to love the weapon. Now, it is one of the most popular guns people shoot a local gun ranges.

Experts said its popularity is a concern with law enforcement, because of the bullets ability to pierce through bullet proof vest.

In a statement, the ATF said, "With few exceptions, manufacturers will be unable to produce such armor-piercing ammunition, importers will be unable to import such ammunition, and manufacturers and importers will be prohibited from selling or distributing the ammunition."

The specific bullet the ATF and President Obama want off store shelves, M-855 green tip. As far as the timeline to make this happen is still up in the air. Newschannel 6 will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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