Community Service Champion: March

Community Service Champion: March

It's a new month and it's time to announce the Newschannel 6 community service champion for March. This month, we recognize a man that gives his time to help others that are in need after a disaster strikes. Not only locally, but all over the nation.

Mike row is a volunteer at the American Red Cross here in Wichita Falls. From local house fires and floods, to hurricanes along the gulf coast, he's there giving a helping hand.

Row says, "anywhere it's a disaster if it's a local house fire, my wife and I are a member of the DAT Team Disaster Action Team."

He got started ten years ago when hurricanes struck the state of florida and year later when hurricane katrina devastated New Orleans.

"We go out and help the client. Mainly put em up in a hotel making sure they have food and clothing.  We follow up by helping them with recovery even if it is just getting them a place to stay," says Row.

In 2011, when wildfires struck closer to home, he was one of the first to be on the scene.

He says, "we worked with people that had their houses burned down, helped provide cots and setting up shelters for the firemen, especially when the national guys came in."

It's knowing that he's helping others that keeps him wanting to do this as long as he can.

Row says, "you remember a lot of the people that you've helped. I remember seeing one young lady that said her driver license was from Tennessee. I asked her, what's a gal from Tennessee doing here in Dallas?  That spring is when Tennessee had all their floods. She got flooded out, moved to Dallas hoping for a better life and got flooded out."

He was able to make sure the girl and her son had a place to stay, food, and clothes on their backs.

"It makes you feel good knowing you could help someone," says Row

Mike isn't alone. He has a helper named Charlie. Charlie is a year old cat that lives at the American Red Cross. While he doesn't make road trips, he's always the first to greet people as they make their way into the building. Row says he seems to put a smile on peoples face that have lost a lot..


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nominate them. Our next community service champion will be recognized the first Monday in April.