Stores Being Winter Ready

Many Texomans were out hitting the stores after being stuck inside because of the winter weather we got.  With another round of winter weather heading Texomas way, store officials at Marketstreet said they are preparing ahead of time.

“We've already started upping our orders trying to get extra canned beans, you know, chili meat,” Larry Martin, the Store Director at Marketstreet said, “Anything like that we try to get in early.”

He explained he was glad they stocked up on certain items during the last winter blast because they were able to keep the shelves stocked for longer.  However, they ran out of some items because shipments were delayed.

Martin said the popular items are anything warm.  This includes soup, chili, roast, hot chocolate, and others.  Water is also very popular.

“I figure this afternoon, and especially tomorrow we are really going to get hit again,” he said.

As for employees, it all depends.  He explained if they need more people they will call them in.

“We talk about it.  We actually call people and say we may need you so that way when we call they know,” Martin said.

However, he said they make sure the employees can get to work since road conditions could be dangerous.

Texomans were also out shopping for items besides groceries.  Snow scrapers and brushes are a hot ticket item.  So is ice melt, but officials at Lowes said they don't stock up like grocery stores.

“Once it's over with and once we are out of stock of them, we are out of it,” Richard Davis the Assistant Manager at Lowes said.

So as the winter season goes on, the pile of winter gear gets smaller and smaller.

Both Marketstreet and Lowes officials said there have been more customers the last few days.  They also said while the winter weather does slow down business, they know people will be back.

, Newschannel 6