Texoma Wrecking Services Are Seeing an Increase of Business

The snow and ice may have melted from the roads, but it's this type of weather that has had tow truck companies in Texoma busy over the past few days.

“The difficult weather creates a lot of conditions that allow people to unfortunately have more accidents," said Administrator at Melton's Wrecking Service, Mary Browning.

Today, the roads are still wet, but the damage has been done.

“Today is actually very quiet.  We started out with more snow on the ground, so people are taking advantage of not having to go anywhere," said Browning.

The wrecking service has been very busy because of the recent weather.

“It's just one of the natures of the type of business that we are in," said Browning.

On Wednesday, Melton's Wrecking Service had 15 calls and over the past weekend it was more.

“Last Friday was our greatest number of calls.  We had probably between 20 and 30 (calls) primarily those calls were “slide off” the roads.  Also, accidents where the vehicle has either run into another vehicle or run into an embankment or a fence," said Browning.

Now that the bad weather has passed, Browning has some advice for Texoma drivers.

“Always be aware of your surroundings; your weather conditions.  If you don't have to go out during severe weather, don't.  Just go ahead and stay indoors and take advantage of that and just be a very cautious driver," said Browning.

Melton's Wrecking Service who gets called out by requests and by DPS patrols, charges $75 for a tow. However, when the vehicles are stuck in the snow and ice, those fees significantly increase, which is just another reason not to drive in bad weather.

During Texoma's bout with winter weather, the wrecking service had three full time drivers on hand, a part time driver and the owner, who was available 24/7.

, Newschannel 6