Knocking Into The Falls

Knocking Into The Falls

Knockerball, a bubble soccer contest filled with fantastic flips and huge hits, is now in Texoma.

"It's played just like soccer, except you're in a ball," explained owner of Wichita Falls Knockerball, Dylan Bussey. "When you start the game, you're four over here, four over there and the ball's in the middle. It's a crazy blast right there."

Bussey, a native Wichitan, says he brought Knockerball to the Falls to bring a smile to everyone, but also to keep families in Texoma.

"From what I've seen there's not a lot of stuff for kids to do, and that's kind of one of the reasons we want to do this," Bussey said. "Downtown's coming back and we need that, but we need stuff for our kids to do as well."

But how can you get in on the action?

By joining the Wichita Falls Knockerball league.

"The league will start on March 14th, it's $60 per player, its four-on-four team play but you need a minimum of six," explained Bussey.

The league will last eight weeks, including playoffs, and games will be played at different parks across Wichita Falls. Bussey says that six teams have signed up so far, but he's hoping to double that before the deadline.

As for the future of the budding sport...

"It would be great to have a Knockerball nation," Bussey admitted.

Bussey has brought Knockerball to a few birthday parties this year, and it's received rave reviews from both parents and kids alike. He says that while there's a slight risk of injury as with any contact sport, players are protected by the bubble the entire time.

For more information about Knockerball in Wichita Falls, click here. You can also sign up for the Knockerball league at Memorial Stadium tomorrow during the Express Half Marathon.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6