Electra City Commissioner Resigns

For the second time in this years term, an Electra City Commissioner member has announced their resignation. 

"We're all as surprised as you were when you got this notice," Mayor Curtis Warner said.

In the press release it states that Margie Scott planned to serve out the remainder of her term.  However, because of health concerns she resigned.  Mayor Warner said her presence as a commissioner will be missed.

He said, "Margie's been a worker.  She doesn't do anything half way.  She gets after it and comes up with an answer or a plan."

Mayor Warner said she was also a great friend.  Even though he said they had differences of opinion, they always made up.  In the press release, he said she always had the best interests of Electra in mind.

Newschannel 6 spoke with her over the phone and her health was the main reason.  Another reason was so she could be closer to her family.  She said she plans to move to Oklahoma City so she can be closer to doctors and also her family.  With a second grand baby on the way it makes sense.

Since there is a vacant seat, city officials said they plan to wait until elections to fill it.

"As close as it is now to the election, we got about three months left, and that means if we hold all of the scheduled meetings, that's only four meetings," Mayor Warner said.

He explained by the time the position is published and people apply, May elections will be here. 

"We're going to be operating with four commissioners for a while and we'll survive," he said.

Since there will only be four commissioners there is a chance a vote could end in a tie.  Newschannel 6 asked Mayor Warner what would happen if this was the case.  He said he is not sure since they don't have a plan in their charter on how to handle a tie.  However, he said they will address the issue if it happens.

Here is the press release: