Texoma & Civil Rights

Texoma & Civil Rights

It's been 50 years since the 'Bloody Sunday' that resulted from civil rights protest in Selma, Alabama.

Today we asked Texomans how they felt about civil rights today. We asked if civil rights are still being suppressed to this day.

Leon Wilson wrote:

"No, They have the same rights as all American's and what they do with these rights is up to them. If they want to work they can work, They can be anything they want to be. They suppress themselves."

Mark Hallman responded to that by saying:

"Who are they?"

John Berrera wrote:

"Yes..of course. We are still fighting the same fight today. Read LeonWilson's remarks. They , they and they...hey Leon it's not they it's WE. Only we as a nation can change. We all have the right to an education to work and the right to happiness. You said they suppress themselves but WE all do this."

And William Halley cited recent events throughout the country:

"Yes. Ferguson, Cleveland, Madison. Plus all the disenfranchising "voter I.D." laws."

There are currently 14 states that do not allow early voting. There is a total of 16 states that require voter I.D. in order to get to the ballot box.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6