Preventing Palcohol

Preventing Palcohol

"To me, alcohol is supposed to be wet, it's not supposed to be mixed up like Kool-Aid."

Texoman William Wilson is not a fan of Palcohol, the freeze dried powdered alcohol that first surfaced last year, and he admits...

"I probably wouldn't buy it."

And if a bill passes in the Texas House of Representatives, Wilson wouldn't even have that opportunity. Representative Charlie Geren (R, Fort Worth) recently authored a bill to make powdered alcohol illegal in the Lone Star State.

"There's too much potential for abuse of the powdered alcohol. They say it needs to be mixed with water, but someone could take it and mix it with other alcohol or mix it with energy drinks," said Geren

Concerns over misuse of Palcohol have led to five states banning powdered alcohol, with six others, including Texas, considering bans.

Fears of the substance being misused by children were expressed by Wilson...

"If it's in powdered form it could be laying around and kids could get it, probably mess them up."

And by Representative Geren...

"I think that's where you have the most chance of abuse when you have kids even snorting it like you would some drugs."

Palcohol creator, Mark Phillips, addressed concerns over the product in a YouTube video last year.

"You will not get drunk faster by snorting Palcohol, and you'll go through a lot of pain. You can see that there is absolutely no reason, even for an irresponsible person, to snort powdered alcohol, when they can just do a shot in 2 seconds and accomplish the same thing," Phillips said, in the video

Palcohol also released a statement saying kids would not be able to get an easy hold of their product, because it would be sold wherever liquid alcohol is sold, and the same rules would apply.

They cautioned that if powdered alcohol is banned, underage drinkers will have much easier access to it.

Representative Geren's bill that would ban Palcohol in Texas was referred to the Licensing Committee. The legislation will be heard the next time the committee meets, although Geren is not sure when exactly that will be.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6