Deadly Designer Drugs

A deadly designer drug is sweeping across the nation.

It's called "Flakka" and Wichita Falls Police Officer Jeff Hughes said what makes it  especially dangerous is what users don't know about it and the powerful tricks it can play on the mind.

"They don't know what they're getting, they have no idea what they are putting in their body. The person that makes it can put anything in it at all," said Officer Hughes.

He says the drug, which looks like crystals, can be smoked, put in a capsule form, injected or even put in vaporizer pens.

And a lot of times it acts like poison when taken, causing the body to shut down.

"Specifically with Flakka it's causing long term kidney problems." said Officer Hughes.

He also said another dangerous side effect is something called excited delirium.

"Its a psychosis state, it's a medical term which basically means the temperature is going to elevate, the  person rips off their clothes because they are so hot and they become extremely violent." said Officer Hughes

He said the drug can also trigger psychotic events.

Saying if someone has a mental illness but it's has never been diagnosed it's possible that these drugs can make things much worse.

"Designer drugs can trigger it and cause it to be a problem, or if somebody has mental health issue and are taking drugs for it, it can increase those mental health issues," said Officer Hughes.

A scary fact that also has parents on edge as the drug is popular among teens to the 30 year old crowd, and is big on the club scene.

While Officer Hughes said we are not seeing the drug in Texoma, they are staying on top of the trend.

"We would be silly to think it's not going to ever make it this way. Our hope is that it doesn't but we want to be educated and know what's out there."

The concern is the law can only progress so fast, since drug makers are always tweaking the compound to avoid existing laws.