Potholes In Wichita Falls Going Unpatched

Potholes In Wichita Falls Going Unpatched

Wichita Falls, TX-

Many Texomans may have noticed the increase in potholes around the city.

Newschannel 6 reached out the Wichita Falls Street Department and learned weather conditions have been holding up the repair process.

Normally street crews would be able to get out and fix them, but lately they have not been able to do so.

The recent snow and rain events are not the ideal weather conditions for street maintenance crews. Street officials say just like drivers have to navigate around potholes, crews have to work around the weather.

On days when streets are wet and potholes are filled with water, city street pothole patcher trucks are parked.

"We don't work potholes in the rain," said Danny Owens, Wichita Falls Street Program Coordinator.

Recent rain, sleet and snow in Texoma have not only stopped crews from patching holes, it's also creating new ones.

"There are a lot of potholes that show up in the winter time because of expansion and contraction to the roads," said Owens. "I would say repairing potholes are a fair weather repair."

It's a problem affecting many Texomans on their daily commute. Many sounded off about it on Newschannel 6 Facebook page.

Misty Davis wrote, "Monroe street! how many drive that road every school day tearing up their cars! Enough with trying to save the bricks! Just pave it already!"

Joshua Herring had only one word to describe Sheppard Access Road, "Awful!"

Many viewers also expressed their frustration with numerous potholes along Old Iowa Park Road.

Owens said on average the street department will repair between 200 to 500 potholes a month. However, over the last month it has been unable to get hot mix aspalt.

You can report a pothole complaint or damage claim at (940) 761-7970.

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