Wichita Christian Expansion: Final Say

Wichita Christian is looking to get a new football field.  However, the location where they want to build it is stirring up quite a debate.

Right now, First Presbyterian owns the Wilson House property, but they are trying to sell it and then it would be leased to Wichita Christian.

Dr. Don Heyen, the President of the Wichita Christian School Board says they picked this location because it would give them a central location.

"Currently we play at Lake Wichita Park on Fairway and it works fine for us, but it would be nice to have a field closed to our current campus," he said.

A turf field would go in the front part of the property.  Officials said they already know how to use the existing gymnasium and historic Wilson House.

"Ya, there would be physical education in the gym and there would be other things administrative offices happening there," Mike Shallenberger said.

Many residents surrounding the property do not want a football field next door.  Residents were sent a notice and a form so they could voice their opinion about the idea.  However, it was only sent to residents within 200ft of the property.

"We know there's some concerns in the neighborhood," Dr. Heyen said.

However, he said it will not be as bad as people think.

Dr. Heyen said, "The events we're talking about are going to be 100 to 200 people."

It is a smaller crowd because Wichita Christian plays six-man football.  There are also only five home games.

"Games typically start at 7:00p.m.," he said, "Occasionally there would be junior high games.  So, it could run from 5:00p.m. to as late as 10:30p.m."

However, since their league has a 45 point rule, games could end even earlier.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will be holding a public hearing to consider making is under conditional use. However, the school board wants to meet with residents before that meeting so everyone understands the plan.  They also want to hear how they feel about it to make sure it is the right fit.

If the purchase of the property goes through, residents will have ten days to appeal it.  If that happens then the decision of the purchase would wind up on the Wichita Falls City Council agenda.

, Newschannel 6