Caught On Camera

Caught On Camera

A crime has been caught on camera in Wichita Falls. The Deli Planet was burglarized in the midnight hours of Monday, March, 9th by an unidentified man in a T-shirt and jeans.

Rebecca Rutledge owns The Deli Planet she said the thief used a meat cleaver to break through a glass back door of the restaurant. Rutledge said she was made aware of the break in when alarms went off.

"This is our sensor that kinda tells you the doors being opened," said Rutledge.

The security cameras allow Rutledge to stream live video of her restaurant into her computer, iPhone, anywhere with a WiFi connection. The video shows the man rummaging through the restaurant's bar and back rooms before taking a couple bottles of booze, beer, chipotle Tabasco sauce and a massive can of chili.

The losses totaled around $2,500 worth of product. Rutledge said had she been able to sell the items it would have added up to around 7,500 dollars worth of profit. After talking with her insurer Rutledge said that she is not going to be getting much financial help to supplement the losses.

"It's very distressing it really is it's a cost we will bear ourselves one hundred percent ourselves," said Rutledge.

However, Rutledge said she's 100% grateful her criminal was caught on camera.

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