Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics opens new Lawton office

Lawton, Okla.- The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics opened its new district office in Lawton Tuesday night.

The O.B.N. has five district offices across the state, in addition to their headquarters in Oklahoma City. O.B.N. Director Darrell Weaver says this new office will give their agents more space, including a conference room to strategically plan their operations.

"The drug issues are in all 77 counties. So southwest Oklahoma does not have a bigger problem saying some wanted it somewhere else so we just want to have an impact in all of our counties in southwest Oklahoma, northwest Oklahoma, or wherever in all 77 counties that's our goal,” O.B.N. Director, Darrell Weaver said.

Their agents work to minimize drug abuse in the state, primarily by targeting drug dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers.