Gabriel Armandariz Sentenced to Life in Prison

UPDATE: Gabriel Armandariz will not face the death penalty. The jury recommended Armandariz serve life in prison with no parole for the murder of his two sons in April 2011. The judge accepted the jury's recommendation.

Deliberation is underway in the sentencing phase of the capital murder trial of Gabriel Armandariz. The  state is pushing for the death penalty. They told the jury the evidence has proved Armandariz murdered Luke and Gatlin out of hatred and revenge of his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Smith.

It is hatred and revenge that makes Armandariz a cold blooded killer and a dangerous threat to society, according to state prosecutors.

They  told the jury it's not only the fact that he killed his two kids, but also the violence and sexual assault accusations that show that Armandariz isn't a one time offender.

Meanwhile, the defense explained to the jury that this was indeed a very vicious, brutal murder, but it does not warrant the death penalty.

They told the jury that Armandariz has had a rough life. That his childhood and background molded him into the person he's become.

But they said Armandariz has a good heart. The day of the murders, April 13, 2011 he snapped. They said his brain defect also contributed to his actions that day.

During closing statements the defense asked the jury how the death penalty would benefit society.

Right now, the jury is left up to the most important question. Whether or not  Armandariz will face life in prison without parole or death.