Vapor Regulations

Vapor Regulations

Saint Jo is considering passing an ordinance that would ban the sale, use, and possession of electronic cigarettes and other new age nicotine tobacco products to minors. There are currently no federal or state laws that prohibit the sale, use or ban.

"As far as the state of Texas the only law for minors those under 18 is Tobacco and nicotine and stuff like that," said Saint Jo Police Chief Tony Tomayo.

According to the Saint Jo Police Chief there have all ready been multiple instances where teens use the devices.

"What I find they are doing, here and in smaller communities, is they are buying the e-cigs which have different flavors to them. Then putting nicotine in them and that's when it becomes against the law. That is what we have run into here in Saint Jo and that is one of the reasons we brought it up to the city council," said Chief Tomayo.

According to the Saint Jo Superintendent e-cigs, nicotine flavored or not, are banned from the campus just as other tobacco products are.

The town will hold the second of two public forums before making a decision on whether or not to take action with a new ordinance.

, Newschannel6