Restoring The Throckmorton County Courthouse

Restoring The Throckmorton County Courthouse

Officials from Throckmorton County, the Texas Historical Commission and the Throckmorton County Historical Society re-dedicated the Throckmorton County Courthouse today.

Their joint five-year project culminated in a fully restored and updated courthouse to serve new generations of Texans.

Newschannel 6 Photojournalist Thomas Rogers was there, bringing you the sights and sounds in this video.

A little on the history of the Throckmorton County Courthouse, courtesy of the THC:

"Throckmorton County Courthouse is an 1890 mansard-roofed Italianate building designed by Martin, Byrnes and Johnston. In 1938, the building was modified with removal of the cupola, replacement windows and doors, an addition as well as extensive interior modifications.  The restoration project returned the building to the 1890 appearance based on remaining physical evidence supported by a similar courthouse designed by the same firm, built in Rayner, Stonewall County, in 1888.  The reconstructed cupola serves as a beacon at the center of the town square but the multi-colored, multi-textured massive masonry is the most notable character defining feature."