Story of Survival: Remembering the Holocaust

A holocaust survivor shared his story after his life was turned upside down 77 years ago.

Max Glauben spoke at the Life Tabernacle Church on Thursday night.  He said he does public appearances as payment for the people who saved his life.  However, getting to this point in his life was not easy. 

At first glance the 87-year-old looks like your average guy, but he is far from it.

"I think that I see things differently than other people," Glauben said.

A lot that is because of experience in WWII.  He explained he saw terrible things.  At the age of 10, the luxuries of being a kid were taken from him.

"Eating when you were told to eat.  Not when you were hungry," he said, "I was smuggling food.  I was sometimes lying."

He even had three birthdays.

"If you were a certain age, they would kill you," Glauben said.

He was in five concentration camps and went on a death march for eight days. 

One of the things that kept him going was his faith.

"There's an upstairs that created the world and it's given us the brains and the wisdom to think for ourselves," Glauben said.

However, he need more than his faith.

"There's also a built in defensive system that on a positive side will keep you alive," he said.

Even though that war is over, history seems to repeat itself.

He said, "Some of these brutalities have been happening for years."

So, his advice on how to solve all of the problems of the world right now is by education.

"When you educate somebody they have to listen and want to be educated," Glauben said.

One message he wanted to get across to the audience was to never give up.  He said there is always hope.  You just have to find it and hold onto it.

Glauben said his camp was liberated in 1945 by the U.S. Army.  A lieutenant gave him and seven other me U.S. uniform so they could escape.  He said he is forever grateful to the lieutenant because he would not be alive without him.

, Newschannel 6