A Chillicothe Doctor has License Suspended

A doctor in Chillicothe has had his license suspended, and this wasn't the first time.

Doctor Weldon Glidden entered an agreement with the Texas Medical Board to have his license suspended for 60 days.

Glidden also has to undergo an independent medical evaluation by a psychiatrist, and to comply with any  treatment.

The medical boards website indicates doctor glidden has had numerous suspensions dating back to 1994.

In the most recent suspension, on August 26, 2011, the board and Dr. Weldon Edward Glidden, entered into an agreed order temporarily suspending Dr. Glidden's license for 60 days and required Dr. Glidden to undergo an independent medical evaluation by a psychiatrist after the board found Dr. Glidden used drugs or alcohol in a manner that could endanger a patient's life, and failed to practice medicine in an acceptable professional manner and inappropriately prescribed dangerous drugs and controlled substances to himself and family members.