The ENJJPT Program Steering Committee Convenes at Sheppard AFB

The Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program Steering Committee meets every March at Sheppard AFB to formulate policy and oversee the execution of the ENJJPT Program.

Approximately 60 personnel from the 13-participating NATO countries gathered to discuss the Program Memorandum of Understanding through 2026, define the budget for 2016 and forecast projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the program.

The week-long meeting ends on Friday, Mar. 13.

Brig. Gen. Katz is the German Air Force director of operations and graduated from ENJJPT almost 30 years ago. He was selected for a 2-year term as Steering Committee Chairman last year.

Col. Gregory Keeton, 80th Flying Training Wing commander, emphasized that the program is much more than an ideal way to train pilots for the NATO alliance. "ENJJPT is the groundwork for strategic partnerships and for interoperability among our partners," Keeton said. "ENJJPT builds a foundational trust among future operators and future leaders of NATO Air Forces."