2015 WF St.Patrick's Day Festival

2015 WF St.Patrick's Day Festival

Around 7,000 people are said to have attended the Wichita Falls Downtown Development Board 2015 annual Saint Patricks Day Festival. Cynthia Laney is the Executive Director for the board.

"It's a huge celebration as you can see behind me we have all sorts of food vendors and everything we have the children's section we have specialty vendors," said Laney.

The city will collect around $40,000 in ticket sales should 7,000 people show. It's estimated that Wichita Falls sees business increase by about $3.2 million.

There's plenty of beer for those over the age of 21. There is also plenty of security should the festival goers decided to have a little too much fun.

"We just kind of monitor the crowd and make sure that even though people are drinking they are not doing it to access to the point where they place themselves or anybody else here some the family and children and things in danger," said John Chesar of Wichita Falls Police Department.

Native Irishman and co-founder of the festival Danny Ahern said that his nations holiday is about more than just having a drink and a good time.

"Being Irish is not about drinking,

it's about our music, our culture, our pride and yes, every second person in America has a little bit of Irish somewhere in their lineage

and that we're proud of that we're proud to be an American," said Ahern.

The festival ended around 10:30 Saturday night.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6