Protecting His House

Protecting His House

Jerme Barrera almost lost his life while trying to prevent his home from being burglarized. On March 2nd the father of four and Sheppard Air Force Base instructor heard tapping noises coming from the front of his house.

"I went to this window and I just peaked right here.

And I saw the light was on in front of the garage," said Barrera

The garage lights are motion activated and only turn on when something or in this case someone moves in front of them.

After walking towards the back Barrera checks the left side of his house before sneaking over to the right. Before Barrera jumps the fence, he takes his gun and places it in the small of his back. After getting over the fence Barrera immediately is confronted and struck by a tall 6'2-6'3 male wearing dark clothes.

"We continued wrestling, he was slamming my head into the concrete or into the bricks," said Barrera.

The unidentified male eventually is able to get the gun from Barrera and pulls the trigger.

"All I felt after that was like a flame or like heat going through my body and I dropped to the ground and little did I realize I had been shot," said Barrera.

The potential thief runs off across Henry S. Grace Freeway and vanishes into the night. Though he nearly lost his life Barrera said he would risk it again in order to protect his home.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6