NOMADS Give Back To Help Texoma's Disadvantaged Youth

NOMADS Give Back To Help Texoma's Disadvantaged Youth

Wichita Falls, TX -

Dozens of retired citizens traveling across the country are giving back to Texoma's youth. They call themselves "NOMADS" on a mission acting in divine service.

Newschannel 6 caught up with the traveling seniors at Whispers of Hope Horse Farm to talk about their work and the difference it is making in the local community.

The group consisting of husband and wife teams travels around the country offering its services. Some of the men and women have traveled from as far as Wisconsin and North Dakota with one mission in mind, service to others.

Kaleb Pollock, 11, of Archer City is a beneficiary of their volunteer services. A once quiet and timid boy has been visiting the farm and participating in therapeautic services for six years. He spends about three days there each week.

"It's really fun to just ride them," said Kaleb. "It changed me because now I can stand up and talk to people that I use to not be able to."

That experience has been Mary Elizabeth Pearce, Founder of Whispers of Hope life's mission. She's been providing kids in North Texas with equine therapy for nearly two decades.

"The horse is a great thing when you're brushing them to relax, calm yourself, be in another world," said Pearce.

The non-profit operates through volunteer service and NOMADS continue to answer the call.

"Just the look on their face, if nothing else to be able to see them up on a horse when they might be in a chair, or just not be able to do anything else," said David Smith, Project coordinator of NOMADS.

He told Newschannel 6 this dedicated group of men and women not only put smiles on kids faces, but helps wherever there is a need. Whether it's feeding, saddling up horses, or cleaning horseshoes; their mission is simple: "Be a help to someone else," said Smith.

Kaleb said their support has given him a reason to smile and has also encouraged him to pay it forward.

"It makes me feel good because they were like me and they need help like I did," said Kaleb.

These nomads travel the country in motor homes and work free of charge. They usually stay for three to eight week periods, then either go back to their home state or go to another location where services are needed.

If you would like to volunteer or support the Whispers of Hope Horse Farm, you call call this number at (940) 696-8044 or visit their website at

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