Judge Eases Concerns in Archer County

The Archer County Judge is finding himself in the middle of a controversy after terminating Emergency Management Coordinator.  Kelly DeSautel held the position for seven years.

While the County Judge can't comment on the matter, he did comment on how the county would respond if an emergency situation happened.

“I'm the emergency management director,” Judge Randall Jackson said.

This is a position he has always had because he is the county judge.  He said that's how it works state wide.  So, there isn't much of a change since he has the final say when an emergency or disaster happens.

This is why residents have nothing to be concerned about.

“The sheriff's department and the volunteer fire departments are very well trained and well prepared,” he said.

So, for normal circumstances, nothing will change.  He said emergency responders do not need any direction.

Judge Jackson said, “We're always concerned about large storms like that, but in case something does happen we have a plan in place.”

The contingency plan was put in place on March 1


, 2015.  He said many of the surrounding counties shared their assets and experience to help him come up with the plan.

“So, everyone always has a plan in place,” he said, “We're current on ours and we'll just have to proceed with what's thrown at us in case a disaster happens.”

Another point he brought up was that not every county has an emergency coordinator.

“Judges of the county are the emergency management directors,” he said, “So, it's not uncommon for this to happen.”

As far as filling the position, Judge Jackson said they will probably fill it, but there is no rush since there is a plan in place.

“I don't know if it will be the same way as it was held before,” he said.

However, either way they want to be prepared.

“It's an effort by all involved.  It just depends on the emergency or disaster that's happening.  It's a community effort,” Judge Jackson said.

, Newschannel 6