City Councilors Approve New Cloud Seeding Project

The Wichita Falls City Council has approved a new cloud seeding contract.

The cloud seeding is estimated to start on April 1st and will continue till August.

The estimated cost of the cloud seeding will be $36,000 each month, plus the cost of fuel and flares, depending on the number of times they can seed. This is an estimated seven percent reduction in cost from last year.

In the final evaluations from last year, SOAR and City Councilors found that the cost came down to 13 cents per thousand gallons.

There are four different contributors helping foot the cost of the project other than the city. Wichita County, the Wichita County Water Improvement District, the AEP Power Plant and W. T. Waggoner Estate are all contributing to the project.

Last year, the contributors cut the total cost of the project by around 150 thousand dollars.

City Councilors say that as we go into the summer months

, the 21.8 percent capacity of our lakes will need any possible help they can get.