Wichita Falls City Council Discusses Several Water Related Issues

The Wichita Falls City Council discussed several issues Tuesday morning.

The City Manager authorized an engineering Services Agreement with Freese & Nichols Inc. to prepare a water rights application for the proposed Lake Ringgold in an amount not to exceed $168,000.00.

The Mayor said the Lake Ringgold project is a top priority, and that himself and the City Councilors, support this project. The Mayor also says the Lake Ringgold Project is just one step in a long range water supply plan for Wichita Falls.

The application process will take up to ten weeks.  Russell Schreiber says they are allocating $168,000 for the project, but he estimates it should only cost $118,000.

Councilors also approved a resolution to buy piping as well as do necessary maintenance on an Ultraviolet Disinfection System  at the Cypress Water Treatment Plant.

The Ultraviolet system is part of the water reuse project, designed to kill waterborne diseases and bacteria.

Council members also approved more than $62,000 to the company Amer-Esco Incorporated  so they can do further testing, and come up with plans for a 20-year project to make water reading meters more frequent.

The new project would get reading done hourly instead of monthly, and officials say this could give customers a better idea of water usage, as well as potentially help with an unplanned expensive bill.