No Cloud Seeding For Knox City

No Cloud Seeding For Knox City

One Texoma town has decided to not continue cloud seeding.

City council members talked about the subject on Tuesday night and it was a tough decision.

Last year the city teamed up with SOAR to try to increase rainfall.  They participated in cloud seeding for three months.  Other parts of the county also participated and helped cover the cost.  It would be the same situation this time around.

Since there was very little supporting evidence two city council members spoke up expressing how they don't support the city participating again.  However, they did acknowledge the city is desperate for water.

"It's at seven-percent," Sam Watson, the City Administrator said.

Watson is referring to the Miller Creek Reservoir, which is their main source of water.

The other council members pointed out that since they are in a desperate situation, it calls for desperate measures, like cloud seeding.  Plus, with the report from last year's attempt, there wasn't any data showing it didn't work, but there was also no data showing it worked.

They also brought up the fact that other parts of the county would probably join in to cut the cost again, but that was not enough.

When it came down to the vote it was two for it and two against it.  So, the mayor had to step in and make the call.

Despite being desperate for water, the city administrator said residents have done a fantastic job at conserving.  So, they will just find another solution to try to get more water to residents.

One of the ways they are getting more water is by drilling two water wells.  They city administrator said they should have that project completed in the next few months.

, Newschannel 6