What's Next For Saint Jo?

What's Next For Saint Jo?

Saint Jo citizens are still unsure who will become the town's next mayor. No one filed before the deadline date back in Feburary.

However, if you talk to locals in the town they don't seem to be too worried.

"Not that I know of it ever happening, but I'm okay with the process," said Debbie Dunn.

Debbie and her husband Terry have lived in Saint Jo for most their life.

The two told me they are still wondering what the city will do to find or appoint someone to become the next mayor.

"I'm not so sure wants to take the job as somebody has to do it and who's willing to step up and do it?" Said Terry Dunn.

According to what Terry has heard one of the town might have the ability to appoint one of the current Aldermen to the position.

"The people that serve on city council and serve as mayor are essentially volunteers. They are spending their own time and I'm really quite satisfied with the people that are serving. And I'm satisfied with the process," said Terry Dunn.

Saint Jo's current mayor nor any of the Aldermen were able to comment on what action the town will take going forward to fill the seat. The secretary of state website list possible options that Saint Jo could take to fill its future vacancy.

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